Swift, C++, Objective-C, C#

Unreal Engine, Unity

Massive agent-based simulations

Game engine design


Virtual Reality


In addition to my academics I usually had a foot or two in other projects.


Ship Editor


Jan 2016 – Jan 2017
Ship Editor is a VR ship building game with realistic physics. Players design a ship with CAD like tools in VR. Every detail of the ship is modelled, down to the flow rates of fuel into the engines. The game is a series of challenges. The first challenge starts with the player on a broken ship in a decaying orbit. The player must repair the ship before it plunges into the looming gas giant. I put this project on hold to finish my PhD thesis and I would love to revive it someday. The techonology that I developed for simulating the ship and building things in VR form the foundations of my LifeBrush system.

Software Developer


Sep 2014 – May 2015 Germany

The goal of SimuDensEndo was to bring virtual reality to the field of dental surgery training, our technology leveraged the Oculus Rift VR hreadset and the Leap Motion hand tracking device. I helped develop volumetric rendering and physics software that translated high resolution scans of real teeth into objects that could be drilled in an interactive endodontic simulation environment.


  • Development
  • Research

Software Architect

LINDSAY Virtual Human Project

Aug 2009 – Jan 2014 University of Calgary
I lead development on the Lindsay Composer, a 3D game engine for macOS and iOS. The composer was written in Objective-C and C++. We used the Composer for biomolecular agent-based simulations and for virtual physiology applications in medical education.

Research Assistant

Applied Geomchemistry Group

Sep 2002 – Aug 2008 University of Calgary, Department of Geology
  • Server administration (macOS Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Windows Server)
  • macOS Software Development in Objective-C and Fortran
  • MySQL and FileMaker Pro


Machine Learning

See certificate

AITF - iCore Doctoral Scholarship - $32,000

Department Teaching Award

Queen Elizabeth II Doctoral Graduate Scholarships

WWDC Scholarships 2005, 2006, 2008-2010

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